Flooring – Underfloor Heating

When getting underfloor heating installed, a good idea is to make sure that the flooring that you are buying has both high thermal conductivities to make sure that it heats up quickly once the underfloor heating is turned on and you also want to seek something that stays warm for a long time once it is heated up.

The number one best type of flooring to use when getting underfloor heating is tile or stone given that it heats up very quickly and retains warmth for a long time, furthermore it is also the flooring is very strong and durable therefore ensuring that it will last for a long time.

Vinyl flooring is another great idea for underfloor heating, vinyl heats up very quick however its heat retention qualities are not as good as that of stone or tile. However, vinyl flooring is very stylish and can be made however you want to suit your room.

Carpet is suitable for underfloor heating giving that the material that it is made with will not be acting as an insulator therefore keeping all the heat underneath the carpet and not moving any of it to the room or into the carpet.