A right accounting course will teach individuals to become more productive and effective when doing accounts related work.

In case you are planning to get a good job, you should know that this world is becoming competitive day by day, so you need to have more skills and knowledge to beat your competition ( You need to go for further studies and build new skills to be ahead in-game.

Here is a list of some good degrees and courses that would enlighten your career in commerce field.

Master of Commerce (M.Com) – It is an evergreen option to go with. After completion of 3 years of program, it is another two years program that covers mostly related courses related to accounting, finance, management, and economics ( After completing of M.Com course, you will gain more knowledge and skill related to accounting, taxation, and finance.

Certified Public Accountant (CPA)

This course is recognized by the AICPA, which is the most popular name when we talk about the number of memberships. It is 16 hours long examination that is consists of four sections, including AUD, BEC, FAR, and REG. The minimum eligibility for CPA is you should have a bachelor’s degree.

Charted Accountant (CA) – This course CA is recognized with the Institute of Charted Accountants India (ICAI). ICAI is the only authorized board for all CA exams. If you qualify for this exam, you will get all fame and recognition required to move your career to the brighter side. Same like the M.COM program, the CA course covers most o the subjects related to accounting, finance, management, and economics.

Master of Business Administration (MBA) – Despite anyone with a bachelor’s degree can do the MBA, doing it after B.Com has its own advantages, especially if one wants to go ahead in the accounting field in upper positions like managerial posts. The MBA course can be done through any recognized institute ( If you choose to finance, it can be more meaningful if you have completed your B.COM and want to go ahead in the accounting field.

Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA)

This is the course if you want to pursue the one that gives you international recognition. Anyone with a relevant degree or diploma certification can do the ACCA course. It can be the best option if you are looking for an international certification course after completion of your B.Com.

Final Words – There are numerous courses to choose if you are looking for a course after completion of your You need to understand your strength and interest and then choose any of the accounting courses mentioned above. Note that None course can be quoted as the best. It’s all about your interest and hard work that will bring your career to the next level.